About Me!


My name is Madison (although I will commonly refer to myself as Maddie) and I am a current student at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania studying English with a concentration in professional writing. My hometown is Sicklerville, New Jersey and I am proud to be a true “Jersey Girl” at heart!  I’ve decided to continue blogging after being introduced to it my first semester of college in a Psychology course. I have always had a passion for writing and sharing my ideas with others; but it has become increasingly important as I grow older. I’ve learned that sharing experience and lessons throughout life not only is therapeutic to the writer, but gives others the sense that they are not alone, and their stories are valued and heard as well. I invite you to read and comment on my journey through my college and personal life, as well as offer advice to a young adult with lots to learn!

Peace and Love

Madison Chiaravolloti