Johari Window

The process of making the Johari Window was a little bit challenging for me to make. Choosing personality traits to describe myself was quite hard, especially when the options are limited. It was interesting to evaluate myself in the “outside looking in” perspective. I never had to look at myself in that way, so I tried to choose the most honest traits possible. Lots of people chose that I was independent and I did too because that is something I pride myself in being from the time I was little based on the way I was raised. I did send it to my parents for them to give their opinions, and it was nice to see all the positive things they chose to describe me as now that my morals and values are set in and I am an adult. My way of describing myself was more along the lines of how I personally act; whereas my peers and family described me as how I act around them. The way they see me is differently (and more positive) than I see myself most of the time, but sometimes self esteem gets in the way of this as well. I believe the Johari Window gave a very good, varied, response of all the different factors my personality entails. I liked the way it gave options to choose from and opened up my mind to what I could be, because not every personality trait is obvious and upfront. I definitely learned that others felt I was different than how I saw myself. Also, I discovered that lots of my personality traits that I thought I would have to some friends, I did not. Some saw unique traits in me where I thought they saw boring ones. It was really neat to see what my parents thought of the personality traits I’ve taken on as an adult in college now too; as it proves they are still proud of me and still think of me as a positive and helpful person just like they did when I lived at home.




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