Implicit Association Test

The first test I took was overall my preference of young people rather than old people. It was an awkward test because the pictures moved very fast and did not give my brain time to register whether or not the person was young or old. The pictures that associated themselves with good and bad words to see what I usually associate old and young people which made the test a bit confusing too. Going into the test, the two topics were already very controversial; setting someone up to be preconditioned as nervous for the test. My results were also controversial being that the test said I preferred to be around younger people rather than older people; whereas in reality I prefer to be around older people due to the level of maturity they bring to the table. The test was interesting in the way it could tell what someone preferred just based on what the unconscious mind chooses. The choice had to be quick though, so I do not believe it was very accurate in what I truly prefer. The next test I took compared if I preferred straight people over gay people. The results came back to say I preferred straight over gay; but I do not find this to be true either. I find that I look at both gay and straight people as equals, so again it was hard to tell my true opinions based on my quickest reaction through this test. I feel that not allowing people to put thoughts into their actions and opinions gives a biased look on how people really feel towards controversial topics. Overall, the tests were given very quickly and only based on a person’s first reaction, not giving people enough time to react accordingly with their true opinions that could only come out if time was given to react the way a person truly feels fits.

Both of the tests surprised be mainly based on the results since I feel that I interact with both young and old people very nicely, as well as accept both gay and straight people into my life without hesitation. I feel that learning about the way I interact with people is indeed important, but I do not feel the tests did a good job at determining whether or not I interacted well or not. Both results came out to be the opposite of how I am, and I blame that on the speed one must do the test at and how shallow of a level the test challenges you on. It is only pictures and words that must spark thoughts in order to be tested; and I feel as if they are not enough information to conclude how someone truly feels about these topics.



















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