The first personality test was the Jung Typpology Test that tested for feeling, emotion, and why I do the things I do based on the way I think. My results came back as “ENFJ” which stands for extrovert (6%) intuitive (9%) feeling (25%) and judging (6%). I agree with all of these, except intuitive. I do not see myself as an intuitive because I do use reasoning a lot, especially while working out problems in my life. I do base my decisions based on gut feeling and good judgment as well, so these personality traits seem to be true. The Jungian personality test scored me as a “conservator” as I focus mainly on service and work. These two things hold true as I am a “people pleaser” as well as very involved in whatever work I have at the time. These results also noted that I am very loyal, which is true as well. I tend to stick with close friends and family and are very faithful to select people in my life. The Psychometrics Project test gave me the results of extroversion, emotional stability, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and intellect/imagination. These results were very similar to the other tests, besides giving me percentiles that I fit into based on the trait. This test I felt judged me more on how I reacted in situations with other people as well as my personal values on attention and helping people. Lastly, there was the color test which was by far the most unique out of all the personality tests; but also gave me broader answers. This test gave me results pertaining to my own identity and how I have an eye for the beauty in things. It also goes into saying how I like to feel unique and important with still giving high standards to the people around me, especially the opposite sex. Somehow, this color test fit me very well; despite it’s broadness, it goes into how I am independent and very concerned about being a respected human being. I am unsure of how these results came about based on colors that I chose, but it is interesting to see how all of the personality tests give very similar answers, even when they ask very different questions, or even no questions at all. Some results were very spot on based on how I am as a person, but others I felt were very broad and covered a lot of ground so they could be applied to almost anyone if necessary.


1 thought on “Personality”

  1. I love attention you put into analyzing your answers from the tests. I’m very interested to see my results, as you said some of them were spot on. I noticed how you scored extroversion on more than one test, and some other similar answers so does that mean these tests are valid or just consistent? I’m curious to see if anyone scores introversion on one test and extroversion on another and why that is. I also like how the color test was the most correct test for you, I wonder if other’s thought this too and why that could be. I definitely agree that some of these sorts of tests give very vague answers or explanations for things so people could easily translate it to their life and think it’s accurate. This reminds me of horoscopes or fortune cookies in a way like how everyone is guilty for believing them to a degree sometimes. I know that when I read my horoscope it can easily be talking about many different things going on, I wonder if the same is with these findings?


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