How I Manage Stress

I manage stress a little differently than most I believe, but I do believe my methods are successful for me in the long run. Some simple things I consciously choose to do every day are get a solid hour of exercise every day, eat healthy foods, and religiously clean my dorm to keep my mind and body healthy. I believe doing these simple things are the beginning to maintaining a stress free life. Health is number one, and without a good health, stress can take over your life. To distress after a hard exam or a day where things just didn’t go my way I typically drink tea and watch a movie to unwind. Unwinding helps me reflect on my day and improve my skills for facing a challenge the next time one comes around. These strategies work for me in particular, along with weekly yoga classes and talks with my dad. These things keep the stress at bay for me quite well; as long as I keep up with them. If I don’t keep up with them, things such as anxiety and depression can take over life very quickly due to the excess of stress that college brings. Some things I could incorporate into my distressing routine would be to get more sleep, write in a journal, or listen to music. These are common things that some of my friends do to cope with stress in their lives that could work for me as well.


1 thought on “How I Manage Stress”

  1. I definitely like the approach of cleaning your living space to simplify your surroundings and keep yourself grounded. I also choose to exercise daily as my way of unloading stress; I find that physical exertion pairs well with mental exertion, so that my strongest output isn’t just stressing over schoolwork, but improving my health as well. It is very helpful to clean and organize the spaces you’re in most frequently, as it boosts your productivity as well. Eating healthily is also a great step towards reducing stress levels, as sugar can impact your stress as well. Journaling and improving sleep habits are other great methods for keeping stress low, especially as a college student. Personal conversations with family members or close friends seems to be a fantastic option as well, as it can help give you some direction when you’re too stressed to see alternatives.


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