Harm Reduction Model For Drug Use

Seeing how others attempt to take back their lives after years of drug use is a torturous experience. Most users go back to their drug of choice within a couple months of “quitting.” We see this most when it comes to the common smoker, here, a person can see with ease the challenges one faces when it’s time to remove a substance from their lives. Some, like my dad, state that it is the hardest thing he’s ever tried to do. With constant stress in someone’s life, it is an undeniable struggle to take their stress relief away. I do not want to sound like I’m overlooking drug use, but for some it would be a whole lot simpler to have a healthier option than to struggle with quitting. I think for people who are too busy or do not have the mental control to quit their drug of choice altogether, it is nice to provide a healthier alternative. Control is something that millions of Americans struggle with, whether it’s an eating or heroin addiction. It would be such a positive change to reduce the harm in their drug use rather than expect them to just stop using altogether. It should be about the health of the person and less about expectations. Everyone makes all types of mistakes in their lives, and some are easier to fix than others. Assisting those who have a tough time quitting and making it an easier process, or giving them a chance to at least reduce the consequences the drug has on their health could mean all the difference to a person who physically and mentally can not quit.


1 thought on “Harm Reduction Model For Drug Use”

  1. This was a very insightful and mature response! I think you’re completely right that the process should be made as easy as possible for the person struggling. Whether it be cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs, addiction is a difficult thing that any person affected by it will struggle their whole life with it, even if they are sober from it. Relapse is too likely and too dangerous of a possibility for someone going through abstinence from drugs, making it effective only in certain cases. As you said about expectations, if we took away the need for someone to be completely clean right away and instead worried about helping them make the smartest choices they can while struggling, I think a whole lot more good could come of it. The attitudes from loved ones that an addict faces can be a huge factor in helping them.


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