The Next Part

Summer. What a glorious period of time in which true friendships stick out and fake ones fall. That is what happened these past couple months…and it was exciting. Having to drop unhealthy people always feels kind of negative; but the heart knows what is necessary. My summer has been very relaxing, but has definitely had its’ moments. Making a good attempt to juggle a long distance relationship and jobs has had moments too. It is nice to be home, but seeing family every day is different than what I thought it was going to be. They never really treat you the same after you move away; moving to college meant becoming an adult right then and there I guess. But it is going just fine, just not what I had in mind. There’s been days where I work all day just to avoid an interaction with a family member who I barely spoke to in nine whole months. It makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something by working, and plus I get to be in a new environment and meet new people. This shifts my mentality for a couple hours out of each day which is always a pleasant change. I’m excited to see what this semester will bring…and I will try to get on a blogging schedule to do this thing right!


Peace and Love


This Is Me

To put it lightly, I never fit into a group or a crowd. I had friends that came and went, but never had a group to call my own. I went to school and did well in school because of high expectations put in place by my family and nothing else. School is where I felt safe, but never quite fit in. I’m not one of the weird kids, or at least I never felt like I was; I simply just didn’t stick with all of the values and decisions others around me were making at the time. I played soccer and joined clubs, but nothing seemed to quite categorize me into a correct group. Of course, I hung out with friends that were friends with the guy I was dating or told stories to just about any girl that stuck around long enough to listen, but none of this seemed to satisfy my craving for a real group of friends. College came up quick, and now I am attending a school that is in the middle of no where (or at least it seems like it) and is not where I have pictured myself ending up. I am currently hanging out with a small group of people that are nice, just not the type of people I thought I would have in my life my freshman year of college. They are my rocks though, and I would lean on them for absolutely anything I need support with. A little more about me though…I love writing, but not reading. I love playing soccer, but not running. I love long walks on the beach, but not the part where the sand is soft. I seem to still hate important elements of things I love. It is weird being me, but every day I’m learning to love me a little more; even the weird parts. So while I’m stuck in the library with no motivation to start my next big paper, I will be updating whoever might be reading this on what life has been throwing at me, and how I am learning to deal with it one day at a time.


Peace and Love